Top ten best fighting strategy games on Android, perfect for accompanying you fasting

Top ten best fighting strategy games on Android, perfect for accompanying you fasting

Top ten best fighting strategy games on Android, perfect for accompanying you fasting – For those of you who like to fight and want to spend time in this month of Ramadan, you can try ten battle strategy games.
Fasting again but confused what game do you want to play? You can try out strategy war games on Android. Because composing various strategies for destroying enemy cities or kingdoms, you will be invited to think which will certainly take a lot of time – suitable to accompany you in the month of Ramadan. Already curious about what games will be included in the list of fighting strategy games this time? Let’s discuss it.

10. Castle Clash
Castle Clash is a strategy game presented by IGG, the developer who is already experienced in making strategy games. This game will invite you to become the best warlord in the world. You can also recruit various heroes who act as troop leaders.

9. Lords Mobile
This popular game has also been developed by IGG which invites you to fight directly with 250 million other players. This game was once one of the “Most Competitive Games” games in 2017.

8. Last Empire – War Z
You will fight here along with the rampaging zombies. You need to be careful because the resources you have collected can be looted at any time. So the best way to survive is to make a very strong army.

7. Art of Conquest
You will be invited to build troops to bring down enemy fortifications. In battle, there are also various kinds of skills that you can use to finish off enemy forces. You can also storm the dragon’s nest and collect its eggs – it can nurture dragons.

6. Clash of Clans
Who is not familiar with this famous game? Clash of Clans had indeed become a prima donna game at that time before the MOBA and Battle Royale games arrived. This game is perfect for managing you fast. While attacking the enemy Town Hall, you can wait for the Maghrib Adhan to reverberate.

5. Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings invites you to fight with other kingdoms and can rely on a dragon. You can also gather resources to strengthen troops by increasing fields and producing wood.

4. March of Empires
In March of Empires you will face a big war in the Middle Ages. You can have factions between the King, the Tsar, or the Sultan. There is also an Alliance system that will allow you to fellowship with other players.

3. Last Shelter: Survival
With an increasingly widespread zombie attack, you will be forced to defend human civilization by building a magnificent city, training soldiers, and protecting the city. Many challenges that you can meet and make this game not feel boring.

2. Star Wars: Commander
For those of you lovers of the Star Wars series it seems you can try this one game. You can choose Rebelion or Empire. Almost like with Clash of Clans, you can make buildings and troops to take away enemy resources.

1. Rise of Kingdom
This strategy war game has a large selection of civilizations totaling 11. There are also 34 heroes who can be used to lead troops when fighting. Not only comes with exciting gameplay, this game also has graphics that will spoil your eyes.

That’s the top ten list of best fighting strategy games on Android. Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to follow the World Games social media account for other Android game recommendations.

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