Ten Best Android Anime Games for Filling Your Time Waiting for Fasting

Ten Best Android Anime Games for Filling Your Time Waiting for Fasting

Ten Best Android Anime Games for Filling Your Time Waiting for Fasting – Instead of you dumb doing nothing waiting when breaking the fast, try playing the ten best Android anime games below!
Ramadan finally arrived. For 30 days, we will undergo fasting from morning to evening. When you are drinking or waiting for breaking the fast is the most time for you to be impatient, you want to immediately taste the available dishes. Instead of your stomach wrapped around seeing the breaking fast food, you better turn your attention to playing the best Android anime game of the World Games choice.

10. Dragon Ball Legends
Dragon Ball Legends is one of the best mobile games you can play now. You not only feel the thrill of simple RPG elements, you can also feel the strength of all Dragon Ball characters that you know participate in this one video game. Among them are Goku, Trunks, Vegeta, Gohan, Krilin, and 18 other figures. Even cooler, you will be offered a choice when downloading this game.

9. Sword Art Online: Integral Factor
In this Sword Art Online: Integral Factor game, you will act as another beta tester who is also trapped in the online game world. Fight using the thrilling Action RPG feature through the Aincrad mainland with your partner, Koharu, and other Sword Art Online characters that must be familiar to you.

8. Epic Seven
This turn-based RPG type game allows you to form a team consisting of various hero choices and explore the world with interesting stories in Story Mode.

7. Captain Tsubasa Dream Team

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team is a game released by the KLab Games on December 5, 2017 and is still a very popular game to date in some countries. This is a very interesting sports RPG game with match animations which is certainly very cool.

Kick technique that is owned by each player as if he could hypnotize the player to continue playing this game. The characters in this game can be obtained through Gacha. The story is also the same as in the Captain Tsubasa anime. Of course various interesting features in this game are also the reason why it can be as popular as that.

6. Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void
Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void is a Turn-Based Fighting mobile game that presents a variety of your favorite characters from light-serial serials released by publisher Dengeki Bunko.

5. Starlight Re LIVE LIVE
Are you a fan of the Revue Starlight anime? Now the franchise is an Android game that you can play with. Present as an RPG game, you can see the action of cute characters from the anime.

4. One Piece: Bounty Rush
Four to four matches using your favorite One Piece anime characters! Each character has their respective abilities: there are Fighter, Support, Shooter, Swordsman, and Warrior. Combine your strengths and your friends and collect Belli as much as possible.

3. Bang Dream: Girl’s Band Party
“Play together with 5 charismatic girl bands in the game! Showing Poppin’Party and Roselia from the BanG Dream animation! and original bands from the game: Afterglow; Pastel * Palette; and Hello, Happy World! ”

2. Laplace M
Laplace M prefers to use the Hack and Slash system, where you can hit many opponents at once – making players have their own satisfaction when playing this game.

1. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love
The title of this one no longer needs to be discussed. All veteran online gamers are certainly familiar with what is called Ragnarok Online, and this mobile game presents a more or less similar experience but with full 3D graphics wrapping.

Those are the ten Android anime games that will make you unconscious until you break the time when playing it. Do you have other Android game suggestions during this fasting month? Don’t hesitate to write it in the comments column!

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