Let Like Chef Juna, Cobain is the 10 most popular cooking game on Android

Let Like Chef Juna, Cobain is the 10 most popular cooking game on Android

Let Like Chef Juna, Cobain is the 10 most popular cooking game on Android – Like to cook and want to be like Chef Juna? You can try ten exciting cooking games on Android.
Do you like to cook for yourself or make provisions for your boyfriend? Not only can it be done in the real world, it turns out that on Android you can also find lots of exciting cooking games and of course it fits your hobby. Want to immediately see the list? This is a list of the 10 most exciting cooking games on Android!

10. Cooking Fever
Your speed in serving customers will be tested. You also need accuracy, because there are many menus that you can present and will continue to vary as levels increase. In total there are 400 dishes with 150 ingredients that you can find in Cooking Fever.

9. Sushi House
In accordance with the title, here you will act as a chef at a sushi restaurant. Not only do you make a lot of sushi menus, you are also required to be good at managing ingredients. Sushi lovers must try this one game.

8. Ramen Chain
Ever thought http://www.bolaku99.com of making a ramen restaurant? In Ramen Chain your speed will be tested when serving customers with ramen as the main menu. There is an interesting storyline that makes this game will not be boring when played.

7. Burger – Big Fernand
Burger – Big Fernand will invite you to make various types of burgers with French style. There are various awards that you can get if you have good performance.

6. Food Truck Chef

Tired of just cooking in one location. Food Truck Chef will take you around the world to sell a variety of dishes while at the same time showing skills as a chef. You can also decorate food trucks to make them look more beautiful and attract the attention of customers.

5. I Love Pasta
Want to make a special pasta restaurant? Try it first, I Love Pasta. You can make your own pasta menu with the recipe that you mix. There is also a Design Room feature that allows you to decorate the room as beautifully as possible.

4. Bubbu Restaurant
For those of you who like funny characters, try Bubbu Restaurant. In this game you will find many types of cute animals with cartoon-style graphics. Not only serving a variety of foods, you can also do interesting things like cleaning their bodies – making customers happy.

3. Toca Kitchen 2
You don’t need to focus on menus and customers, you are free to make various types of food in Toca Kitchen 2. You can do many things, such as frying fish, making salads, cutting tomatoes, and still others.

2. Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Who doesn’t like pizza? In this game you will make various types of pizza according to customer requests. In addition to the easy-to-understand gameplay, art-style graphics from Good Pizza, Great Pizza will make you calm once you play this game.

1. Cooking Mama: Let’s cook
For those of you who have a Nintendo DS and Wii, you certainly know how exciting this game is. You will be tested by Mama to make a menu that is already available – it feels like cooking in the real world.

That is a list of ten most exciting cooking games that you can play on Android. Don’t forget to follow the World Games social media account so as not to miss the recommendations of various other games.

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