Extraordinary Ones, MOBA Games Stylish in Anime that are Suitable for Wibu

Extraordinary Ones, MOBA Games Stylish in Anime that are Suitable for Wibu

Extraordinary Ones, MOBA Games Stylish in Anime that are Suitable for Wibu –¬†What is this MOBA anime game like? Is it worth it to play? Come see this article.
Who doesn’t like to play MOBA games? Today many of the newest MOBA games are emerging for mobile because they are simple and can be played anywhere. One of them is the Extraordinary Ones, the latest MOBA that has graphics like anime.

The Extraordinary Ones have gameplay that is quite different from other MOBA even though they have the same mechanism. This MOBA has a concept similar to the Boku no Hero Academia anime such as the design of a school area map, and there are many elements of a superhero school or academy.

You can enjoy this game bandar togel terpercaya on Android. However, because the Extraordinary Ones are still in the CBT stage, of course there are many bugs in this game like some of the hero skill descriptions that still have Chinese. This CBT stage will be extended until May 6, 2019. So for those of you who want to try it, you can immediately install and play it.

For you who are a Wibu, maybe you will like this one MOBA game because not only has the graphics like anime, the Extraordinary Ones also uses Japanese-language dubs for all of their heroes which makes the anime atmosphere in this game more alive.

Some splash art from this hero also has the same style as the anime you usually watch. You can download and make wallpaper if you already have a certain skin or hero.

If you are familiar and have mastered the MOBA game, this one game system is not much different from the other MOBA mobile games which are destroying the tower and base to win. But the Extraordinary Ones have chest items that you can get around the forest area. Chest items have several additional talents or spells such as healing, refresh cooldown, bombs, and chips that can increase the attack of your hero.

Talents and skills from your hero can also evolve when you enter certain conditions such as getting lots of kills. It sounds complicated, but over time you will get used to this unique Extraordinary Ones gameplay.

When you just enter the game, you can immediately jump directly to the lane you want to go to using a tool that is available around the base by staying silent on it, then the tool will automatically throw you. You can use this tool until mid-match.


As we have said before, the Extraordinary Ones have anime-style graphics that are not as rigid as games with other anime graphics. The movement of your character also looks very smooth. Especially if you activate high fps mode.

But there are some facial expressions from heroes who seem forced like Minnie and Brella’s heroes. But that doesn’t bother the gameplay. Because it has graphics like anime, of course there are beautiful heroes that you can make waifu.

The features of the Extraordinary Ones are quite complete. There are dyes that can change the colors of heroes or skins and voice which might change the sound of the hero. But the voice feature is still not present at this stage of CBT.

There is also a battle pass feature that allows you to get good skins at very cheap prices. This feature is named Choosen One Handbook. For you lovers of Gacha, this game also provides Gacha, which has hero, skin, and dye prizes.

After we tried to play this game, now the Extraordinary Ones are very worth it to play. Because of the unique gameplay, you won’t get bored when playing this game. Especially for those of you who are looking for games with anime graphics, you can try the Extraordinary Ones.

Maybe you will not be familiar with some of the hero skills that exist in this game because it is very reasonable. So do not immediately accuse plagiarism, guys!

You can directly download via the Google Play Store for free. Don’t forget to follow the World Games social media to get the latest news about the game.

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