7 of these Marvel Characters Can Beat Captain Marvel

7 of these Marvel Characters Can Beat Captain Marvel

7 of these Marvel Characters Can Beat Captain Marvel – Not too IMBA, Captain Marvel can also be subdued by the following Marvel characters!
Captain Marvel is a character that gets enough attention in Avengers: Endgame. Even so, of course there are some Marvel fans who are disappointed because the portion in the film is very little. Because the power of Captain Marvel has not seen its potential, although the third author of Captain America and Infinity War films, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, said that Captain Marvel has the greatest power scale that had never been in an MCU before.

But in fact Captain Marvel had to submit to Thanos when trying to grab Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers: Endgame. Well, besides Thanos, who else is the Marvel character who can defeat this one female superhero? Suggestion? Come see the discussion below, guys.

7. Silver Surfer
The Silver Surfer is blessed with cosmic powers that make it have super strength and endurance, as well as the ability to suck and manipulate radiation energies from the entire universe. Besides that he can also travel at the speed of light so that he can explore time.

Silver Surfer can fire energy that is strong enough to destroy one planet or create a Black Hole. Apart from all of his unique strengths, Silver Surfer’s physical strength turned out to be above the Hulk. What do you think, is the ability of the Silver Surfer to be able to surpass Captain Marvel?

6. Surtur
Surtur is a 500,000-year-old mystical creature that is terrible. How come? By having a height of more than 1000 feet and the Twilight Sword used, Surtur is able to burn whatever is in front of it. Its strength can be multiplied many times if Surtur is resurrected with the Eternal Fire. Even Hela who finished off all of Asgard’s troops couldn’t even match the strength of Surtur. Well, about whether Captain Marvel is able to withstand the power of this giant monster?

5. Ancient One

Doctor Strange wouldn’t be as good as now without the role of Ancient One. The figure of the teacher and mentor from Stephen Vincent Strange has become one of the most influential figures in his film. Even Thanos did not dare to approach Earth as long as Ancient One still existed. No wonder the power of Ancient One is very calculated. If Thanos just doesn’t dare to deal with Ancient One, how about Captain Marvel?

4. Ego
Ego aka The Living Planet is a very terrible character in the film Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. Where the father of the Star Lord tried to conquer the universe by uniting in his own extension. As a Celestial, it has a variety of strengths, including manipulating energy, manipulating molecules, super durability, biological manipulation, to superpowers. Even with that power the Ego is able to withstand the power of Infinity Stones easily.

3. Dormammu
Dormammu is the master of the dimension of darkness, he was born millions of years ago in a very strong dimension of energy called Faltine. He is the mortal enemy of Dr. Strange and have a very large and pure mystical power, even surpassing other villain powers such as Mephisto, Satannish, and Hela. Even in Dormammu MCU has its own dimensions, where the strength of its dimensions is often used by Sorcerer Supreme before. Now how would it be if Dormammu really appeared to Earth with a human form and faced Captain Marvel?

2. Rogue
Rogue is one of the mutant figures in the X-Men comic. He has a very terrible power, where he is able to suck the power of others and use that power. One of the great strengths he uses is the strength of Ms. Marvel. In one story, Rogue heard a prophecy one time Ms. Marvel will come and destroy his life. Therefore, Rogue attacked Carol Danvers. Rogue absorbs the power Carol Danvers has as Ms. Marvel. Not only is his strength lost, even all of Carol Danvers’s memories are also sucked, you know!

1. Jean Gray
As a mutant, Jean Gray has the power of telekinesis and telepathy. His strength can be very strong when Jean is united with Phoenix, a cosmic entity born of natural energy. The Phoenix lives inside another creature as a host, and the host’s unique ability can provide tremendous strength. Phoenix has the power to manipulate matter to sub-atomic levels, can cross space and time, also absorb various kinds of energy, generate dead creatures, and also teleport.

Even Jean Gray can create a cosmic explosion, change the reality of space and time to control the lives of humans. With that great power, is it about whether Captain Marvel can match the strength of Jean Gray?

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