Month: July 2018

Tencent Gaming Buddy, the Best Android Emulator on a PC Especially for You

Of all Android emulators on PC, Tencent Gaming Buddy is the top choice for those of you who like to play games, especially playing PUBG Mobile!
The presence of PUBG in the mobile platform is indeed directly in the spotlight among gamers. This game was previously very popular when the PC version was first launched. The launch of the mobile version also adds to the popularity of this franchise and makes those who tend to be casual gamers can take part in tasting the fun of the Battle Royale PUBG gameplay on their gadgets. However, not all gamers can enjoy PUBG Mobile comfortably. There are problems with their smartphone problems that lag when playing, some are not familiar with PUBG controls on mobile. In order to overcome this problem, Tencent made a quite interesting breakthrough, namely by releasing an official emulator to play PUBG Mobile on a PC called Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Of course not only specifically for PUBG Mobile, Tencent Gaming Buddy can play your other favorite Android games. Let me get to know this cool Android emulator, check the superiority here!

3. The advantages of Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy does look like an Android emulator on a normal PC. But, this one emulator has advantages that do not have similar applications. What are they? Here is the advantage of Tencent Gaming Buddy:

– Light specifications
To run Tencent Gaming Buddy, you don’t need a high PC specification. Enough with a Dual Core based processor, a minimum of 4GB of RAM, a minimum of 1GB of NVIDIA / AMD graphics card, and a minimum storage capacity of 3GB, you can already run this emulator.

– Easy download and installation
You just have to download Tencent Gaming Buddy on the official website. After downloading, run and follow the steps. Even installing the game just click it.

– Complete features
The features of Tencent Gaming Buddy already meet all your needs. Starting from the processor and RAM settings, macro controller features, fullscreen mode, to be able to record gameplay for streaming purposes.

2. Why Tencent Gaming Buddy?
The official emulator of the gaming giant from the Bamboo Curtain country, you must have if you are fond of playing Tencent’s games. Because, Tencent Gaming Buddy has been specifically built so that it can run Tencent games optimally. There is no such thing as lag or delay in PUBG Mobile!

Plus, the Contoller macro features or settings on the keyboard are very complete. You can set the placement of the controls as freely as possible so you can feel playing PUBG like on a PC.

1. What games can be played on Tencent Gaming Buddy?
This doesn’t mean that Tencent’s emulator can only play their games. Tencent Gaming Buddy can actually play other games smoothly! Available in the list of games that you can play like Honkai Impact 3rd, Mobile Legends, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, Clash Royale, and others.

That’s the three things that are a plus of the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator. How, guys, are you interested in trying this one emulator? You can directly download the emulator at:

This certainly can be an alternative for those of you who already really want to play the PC version of PUBG but maybe still save to buy a PC, mouse, and also a good headset in order to play it optimally! Keep up with World Games to get unique information about other games!