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Seven Best and Latest Offline Android Games Free in May 2019

Seven Best and Latest Offline Android Games Free in May 2019 – Here comes the 7 best free offline Android games for this week. Many exciting new games! Suitable for filling your gaming time. Let’s try it!
Entering the third week in May 2019 there are some of the best free offline Android games that you can try. Of course, this is the answer for those of you whose internet quota is running low or just saving it. Because there are a number of selected Android offline games that you can taste this week. Let’s see the list immediately.

7. Unknown Fate – MarsLit Games SRL
Unknown Fate is a Adventure game made by 1C Company which was first released on PCs and consoles in 2018. Now the game is available on Android under the auspices of MarsLit Games SRL.

In Unknown Fate, you will play Richard, someone who finds himself in another world. A world that feels very far away and is inhabited by strange creatures. Realizing that he shouldn’t be in that place, he had to find a way out.

There is nothing different from the console and PC versions, you will feel the same quality. Unfortunately, this game is only a demo version and to open fully you have to buy it.

6. Hamsterdam – Muse Games Corp.
What happens if a funny hamster suddenly becomes good at martial arts? Now, you can only see that in Hamsterdam: Paws of Justice. This game was developed by Muse Games Corp, where you will be able to move a hamster to take action in an exciting battle to defeat the criminals and save the city of Hamsterdam.

Swing, slide and attack to feel your adventure on the streets of Hamsterdam. Feel the action fight, run the combo rhythm perfectly, and become the only famous Hamster-Fu.

5. Floyd’s Sticker Squad – LemonChili Games
Floyd’s Sticker Squad is an exciting Action game to kill time. This game made by LemonChili Games even won the title of the best Indie game in the 2018 Play Indie Games Festival in Brazil.

Shoot enemies, collect stickers, and finish the album to unlock the amazing adventures of this time!

Besides having an exciting gameplay mechanism, this game also has exciting features. One of them is time travel, which allows you to replay each level so you can pass it back. Get every good sticker and get ready for an epic boss fight!

4. Best Trucker 2 – POLOSKUN
For those of you who like the game Simulator, Best Trucker 2 might be a game you can try on Android. This game made by developer POLOSKUN will bring you the experience of driving a cargo truck full of obstacles.

Even though it appears with 2D graphics and side-scrolling, you can still test your skills while exercising patience in passing each difficult track. Get every coin and upgrade your truck to become the best truck driver!

3. One Person Story – Sacralium

One Person Story is an interesting Android offline game that you can try. This game itself elevates one’s personal story. Where each level in this game represents a life situation. Like when you are hurt, get into trouble, and other things you don’t wear.

Therefore you must think and solve all the difficulties that exist. Shown with simple graphics, One Person Story is suitable for those of you who want to kill time.

2. Drone: Shadow Strike 3 – Reliance Big Entertainment
Success with the previous series, Reliance Big Entertainment has released the third series of Drone: Shadow Strike. Still presenting sophisticated drone-style battles, in this game you can feel the thrill of paralyzing enemies with the drone. Your skills will be tested to be able to knock out enemies on the ground.

Operate the best UCAV in the world and experience a series of action-packed secret missions, using extremely high-tech equipment and weapons including rockets, missiles and cannons. Increase the drones that you have and become the best drone pilot in the world!

1. Pliq: Epic Clash Arcade Puzzle – Creasaur
Finally, Pliq: Epic Clash is an Arace Puzzle game that is no less exciting. With a simple gameplay mechanism and attractive graphic display, this game made by Creasaur is very fun to play.

The playing method is the same as before; Join in this endless war, observe the upcoming enemy pattern in the form of a jelly beam, build a perfect pair with your beam-shaped hero. If the decreasing enemy pattern doesn’t match your pattern, your beam will be locked.

A list of the best free offline Android games this week from DuniaGames. Enjoy the weekend! Don’t forget to follow DuniaGames social media for information about other games!

Ten free and newest android games in May 2019

Ten free and newest android games in May 2019 – Confused about what game to play? Here it is, some of the latest free Android games in May 2019 are fun to fill your days!
In the third week of May 2019 there are a lot of the latest free Android games that you can try. Well, this time DuniaGames is again presenting the latest free Android games that you can play to fill your days.

There are many choices of the latest free Android games that you can play this week. Such as 3D Color Hole, Unroll Me 2, The Warrior, Ultraman Legend Hero, and Idle Coffe Corp. Besides the Android games, there are still a number of other games that are no less exciting, you know.

Want to know more about it? Just go straight to the list!

10. 3D Color Hole – Good Job Games
3D Color Hole is an exciting Arcade game that can fill your days. Gameplay of this game is very simple; that is, you only have the duty to move the black hole to drop the arranged blocks. Skip each level and become the champion!

9. Unroll Me 2 – Turbo Chilli
Unroll Me 2 is a sequel to the game that was ranked first in more than 50 countries and played by millions of people around the world. Unroll Me 2 is now back with all new game modes, rich 3D graphics, new themes, and there are more than 800 exciting levels!

8. The Warrior – Superb Game
The Warrior is one of the newest free Android games that you can try. The task in this game is very simple, where you simply move your finger on the smartphone screen to aim and throw the spear at the enemy.

7. Ultraman Legend Hero – Fighting Action Games
Ultraman Legend Hero is an exciting Adventure game from the Ultraman franchise. Experience Ultraman’s new adventures to save the universe from evil monsters.

6. Idle Coffe Corp – BoomBit Games
Idle Coffe Corp allows you to become a coffee shop entrepreneur. You will be in charge of managing your own business and are tasked with being a successful coffee entrepreneur.

5. Survivor Island – Doodle Mobile Ltd

Survivor Island is one of the newest Survival games that you can try on Android. Stuck on a mysterious island, your job is to survive from threats that can attack at any time.

4. Stickfight Infinity – Skygo
Success with the previous game, Skygo has now released Stickfight Infinity. Bergen Fighting, you will feel the exciting battle of Stickman characters by using various types of cool weapons.

3. Furious Speed ​​Chasing – Alcott
Furious Speed ​​Chasing is the newest racing simulation game that is not inferior to the popular racing game. This game made by Alcott offers a variety of exciting features wrapped in pretty good 3D graphics.

2. Brave Order – Outac Inc.
Brave Order is one of the newest Real Time Strategy games on Android. In this game you will be tasked to organize your troops and prepare to feel an epic battle.

1. Pokemon Rumble Rush – The Pokemon Company
Finally, Pokemon Rumble Rush is the newest game from The Pokemon Company. In this game you will become a Pokemon trainer and adventure around the world to get legendary Pokemon!

A list of the latest free Android games from DuniaGames. Look forward to the next games from us, happy playing!

Seven of the best lightweight Android games that are suitable to accompany you homecoming

Seven of the best lightweight Android games that are suitable to accompany you homecoming – Looking for light games so that I don’t get bored on my trip back and forth? Here is a list of ten of the best lightweight Android games that are suitable to accompany you going home
Who of you participated in Lebaran? On trips back and forth we usually like to be bored and confused about what to do. To avoid this boredom, playing games is one way. Because on a trip sometimes the network is not stable, then the selection of the best game is a size that is not large (light game). If you have trouble finding it on the Play Store, here are ten of the best lightweight Android games that are suitable to accompany you back and forth

7. ZigZag
Not complicated and fun, maybe that’s what the writer can convey for the ZigZag game. No need for complicated controls, you just need to tap-tap to change the direction of the ball. But it’s not that easy Ferguso! You must be able to guess when to change the direction of the ball. Accuracy and patience are needed if you want to play this one game

6. 2048
Still in the same family as the Puzzle genre, 2048 invites you to combine the same numbers. Each number that is successfully combined, will make it have additional and more difficult values. Once you step, you will not be able to retreat again.

5. Dead Ahead
Turning to racing games, Dead Ahead uses the traditional style of endless runners. Although it comes with 8-bit graphics, the game is quite fun to play. You are forced to face the zombies with weapons that you can upgrade too.

4. Auto Theft Gangsters

Want to play GTA but not enough internal memory? You have to try Auto Theft Gangsters. This GTA knockoff game does not require a lot of memory and is suitable for playing on potato cellphones though. Because of its light size, it certainly won’t have detailed details like the original version.

3. Dream House Days
Dream House Days is an apartment management game. You can buy various furniture to beautify your apartment. But you also need to pay attention to other aspects, namely the pleasure of tenants and the benefits you receive.

2. Ninjump
Want to climb like a ninja? You can try Ninjump. This game uses an endless running system where you can get the highest score. But your struggle will not be that smooth, because there are already various kinds of traps that are ready to stop you

1. Mekorama
Spending time playing Puzzles is one way you can do it while on a trip. Mekorama is one game that uses this genre. You are challenged to control small robots with complex 3D puzzle styles.

Well that’s the list of seven of the best lightweight Android games that can accompany you during your homecoming. From the seven lists above, which one is your favorite? Write the answer in the comments column.

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