Month: May 2018

The Five Best NetEase Games You Must Try

The Five Best NetEase Games You Must Try – As a well-known developer, NetEase has many interesting games. Here are five of the best NetEase games that you must try!
Who of you does not know NetEase? This developer from China is being discussed a lot. This is thanks to his collaboration with Marvel to present a spectacular MOBA game called Marver Super War. Uniquely this game only contains a variety of superheroes from Marvel, where many people have been waiting for him for a long time. It turns out that not only is Marvel Super War an exciting game you can play. Here are five of the best NetEase games that you must try!

5. Cyber ​​Hunter
Cyber ​​Hunter is a Battle Royale game that comes with a little sandbox element in it. Unlike other Battle Royale which can only do prone and crouch, in Cyber ​​Hunter you can do parkour – climbing from one building to another. There are also additional skills. This skill has a variety of variations, some can use barriers, present cars, and tall towers.

If you are a beginner and it is difficult to shoot using a smartphone, calm down, because there is an auto-fire feature where the weapon will automatically shoot when directed to the enemy. The graphics of this game are also colorful and smooth, so you will be spoiled if you have played it.

4. King of Hunter
Want to play MOBA but with Battle Royale too? Maybe you should try this cool game from NetEase called King of Hunter. This game presents cool features that other games don’t have. You can ride a horse and finish off enemies around. You can also use various kinds of weapons, each of which has a variety of unique skills.

If PUBG and Free Fire jump from the plane, King of Hunters just leads more fantasy by riding a dragon. But because this game is still in the early stages of access, you can’t expect anything more in this game.

3. Indentity V

Identity V is a multiplayer survival game that invites you to feel the tension in it. In this game you will get the choice to play as a Hunter or as a Survivors. Each side has different duties and obligations. There is only one Hunter in the game.

His job is to capture the four Survivors who try to escape from the Mansion area. As for Survivors, it’s your job to try to get out of the Mansion by activating a Cipher that will open the main gate.

2. Life after
In LifeAfter you are challenged to survive in the midst of rampant zombies. You can also make various weapons to fight zombies that try to attack. Like in real life, you can also be hungry and drink. As a result cooking is one of the features that you can enjoy in LifeAfter.

To avoid fierce zombies at night, you can make headquarters. This base is built from materials that you can find around.

1. Marvel Super War
This is the most compulsory game you play today, Marvel Super War! The collaboration between NetEase and Marvel produced an MOBA game with superheroes from Marvel as its character. You can feel playing being the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and many more. Currently Marvel Super War is still in the alpha test stage. If you are interested in trying it, you can directly visit the link below.

That’s the list of the five best NetEase games that you must try. So you don’t miss recommendations about other cool games, you can immediately follow the World Games social media account now. See you on another occasion!