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Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Marvel Super War Games

Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Marvel Super War Games – For those of you who are just trying to play, here are the advantages and disadvantages of

Marvel Super War
Marvel Super War has become a concern for mobile game lovers at the end of May 2019. By taking the MOBA genre, this game makes many Marvel loyal fans enthusiastically welcome it. You can use various kinds of Marvel original superheroes such as Black Panther, Hulk, Black Widow, and many more. For those of you who may not have played this game and want to find additional information, here are the advantages and disadvantages of Marvel Super War.

Strengths – Deep Strategy with Power Core
Marvel Super War has a special element called Power Core. This Power Core serves to determine the style of the player’s player while in the game. Power Core in Marvel Super War is almost the same type as Emblem Mobile Legends or Arcana in the Arena of Valor. But the author must admit that Power Core in Marvel Super War is better than both. Why?

The emblem on Mobile Legends is too simple and you only have to choose which part matches the hero class. Not to mention, this emblem has a level that is detrimental to players if it doesn’t have a high Emblem level. As for AOV, collecting various arcana is very time consuming especially for level 3 which has a high price, which is 2000 gold per Arcana.

While Marvel Super War’s Power Core does not exist at all levels, you can arrange them at will. If I assume, Power Core is very similar to Rune in League of Legends, MOBA PC made by Riot Games.

Strengths – Not Game Pay to Win

Until now, Marvel Super War has no signs that this game will be a pay to win. Actually this still has something to do with the emblem that is in Mobile Legends which you can buy using real money. While the Power Core in Marvel Super War is purely free and there are no sales of other elements.

Because it is still in the alpha test stage, this game does not yet have a skin like other MOBA games. But, because this game is not so different from the Omyouji Arena, the skins that are present in Marvel Super War are unlikely to get additional status.

Strengths – Can Feel the Sensation of Being a Marvel Superhero
This is the main advantage in this MOBA is using a genuine Marvel superhero. Indeed, some other MOBA such as Arena of Valor also present DC superheroes such as Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Joker. But that is just an addition not entirely – in contrast to Marvel Super War which indeed made the concept of this game based on all the superheroes Marvel has.

Weaknesses – Marksman Too OP
Do you realize it too? Until this article was written, the writer could still dare to say that marksman in Marvel Super War was too overpowered. Let’s call a few like Angel, Starlord, and Rocket Raccoon. Their abilities in the game are really beyond reason. I don’t know what happened, but NetEase must immediately correct this problem. If left unchecked, tank players will be greatly disadvantaged – because armor items that are purchased like that are of no use.

Disadvantages – Heavy and Rigid Graphics
The author himself uses the Max Pro M1 device with Snapdragon 636. The first time I tried playing this game honestly felt very heavy. Unlike the Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor which is very smooth to play. Even for the lowest graphics, sometimes there are some moments that make the FPS suddenly drop and make the game uncomfortable.

That’s the advantages and disadvantages of Marvel Super War. If interested, you can directly download it at the link below.

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