Let Like Chef Juna, Cobain is the 10 most popular cooking game on Android

Let Like Chef Juna, Cobain is the 10 most popular cooking game on Android

Let Like Chef Juna, Cobain is the 10 most popular cooking game on Android – Like to cook and want to be like Chef Juna? You can try ten exciting cooking games on Android.
Do you like to cook for yourself or make provisions for your boyfriend? Not only can it be done in the real world, it turns out that on Android you can also find lots of exciting cooking games and of course it fits your hobby. Want to immediately see the list? This is a list of the 10 most exciting cooking games on Android!

10. Cooking Fever
Your speed in serving customers will be tested. You also need accuracy, because there are many menus that you can present and will continue to vary as levels increase. In total there are 400 dishes with 150 ingredients that you can find in Cooking Fever.

9. Sushi House
In accordance with the title, here you will act as a chef at a sushi restaurant. Not only do you make a lot of sushi menus, you are also required to be good at managing ingredients. Sushi lovers must try this one game.

8. Ramen Chain
Ever thought http://www.bolaku99.com of making a ramen restaurant? In Ramen Chain your speed will be tested when serving customers with ramen as the main menu. There is an interesting storyline that makes this game will not be boring when played.

7. Burger – Big Fernand
Burger – Big Fernand will invite you to make various types of burgers with French style. There are various awards that you can get if you have good performance.

6. Food Truck Chef

Tired of just cooking in one location. Food Truck Chef will take you around the world to sell a variety of dishes while at the same time showing skills as a chef. You can also decorate food trucks to make them look more beautiful and attract the attention of customers.

5. I Love Pasta
Want to make a special pasta restaurant? Try it first, I Love Pasta. You can make your own pasta menu with the recipe that you mix. There is also a Design Room feature that allows you to decorate the room as beautifully as possible.

4. Bubbu Restaurant
For those of you who like funny characters, try Bubbu Restaurant. In this game you will find many types of cute animals with cartoon-style graphics. Not only serving a variety of foods, you can also do interesting things like cleaning their bodies – making customers happy.

3. Toca Kitchen 2
You don’t need to focus on menus and customers, you are free to make various types of food in Toca Kitchen 2. You can do many things, such as frying fish, making salads, cutting tomatoes, and still others.

2. Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Who doesn’t like pizza? In this game you will make various types of pizza according to customer requests. In addition to the easy-to-understand gameplay, art-style graphics from Good Pizza, Great Pizza will make you calm once you play this game.

1. Cooking Mama: Let’s cook
For those of you who have a Nintendo DS and Wii, you certainly know how exciting this game is. You will be tested by Mama to make a menu that is already available – it feels like cooking in the real world.

That is a list of ten most exciting cooking games that you can play on Android. Don’t forget to follow the World Games social media account so as not to miss the recommendations of various other games.

Extraordinary Ones, MOBA Games Stylish in Anime that are Suitable for Wibu

Extraordinary Ones, MOBA Games Stylish in Anime that are Suitable for Wibu – What is this MOBA anime game like? Is it worth it to play? Come see this article.
Who doesn’t like to play MOBA games? Today many of the newest MOBA games are emerging for mobile because they are simple and can be played anywhere. One of them is the Extraordinary Ones, the latest MOBA that has graphics like anime.

The Extraordinary Ones have gameplay that is quite different from other MOBA even though they have the same mechanism. This MOBA has a concept similar to the Boku no Hero Academia anime such as the design of a school area map, and there are many elements of a superhero school or academy.

You can enjoy this game bandar togel terpercaya on Android. However, because the Extraordinary Ones are still in the CBT stage, of course there are many bugs in this game like some of the hero skill descriptions that still have Chinese. This CBT stage will be extended until May 6, 2019. So for those of you who want to try it, you can immediately install and play it.

For you who are a Wibu, maybe you will like this one MOBA game because not only has the graphics like anime, the Extraordinary Ones also uses Japanese-language dubs for all of their heroes which makes the anime atmosphere in this game more alive.

Some splash art from this hero also has the same style as the anime you usually watch. You can download and make wallpaper if you already have a certain skin or hero.

If you are familiar and have mastered the MOBA game, this one game system is not much different from the other MOBA mobile games which are destroying the tower and base to win. But the Extraordinary Ones have chest items that you can get around the forest area. Chest items have several additional talents or spells such as healing, refresh cooldown, bombs, and chips that can increase the attack of your hero.

Talents and skills from your hero can also evolve when you enter certain conditions such as getting lots of kills. It sounds complicated, but over time you will get used to this unique Extraordinary Ones gameplay.

When you just enter the game, you can immediately jump directly to the lane you want to go to using a tool that is available around the base by staying silent on it, then the tool will automatically throw you. You can use this tool until mid-match.


As we have said before, the Extraordinary Ones have anime-style graphics that are not as rigid as games with other anime graphics. The movement of your character also looks very smooth. Especially if you activate high fps mode.

But there are some facial expressions from heroes who seem forced like Minnie and Brella’s heroes. But that doesn’t bother the gameplay. Because it has graphics like anime, of course there are beautiful heroes that you can make waifu.

The features of the Extraordinary Ones are quite complete. There are dyes that can change the colors of heroes or skins and voice which might change the sound of the hero. But the voice feature is still not present at this stage of CBT.

There is also a battle pass feature that allows you to get good skins at very cheap prices. This feature is named Choosen One Handbook. For you lovers of Gacha, this game also provides Gacha, which has hero, skin, and dye prizes.

After we tried to play this game, now the Extraordinary Ones are very worth it to play. Because of the unique gameplay, you won’t get bored when playing this game. Especially for those of you who are looking for games with anime graphics, you can try the Extraordinary Ones.

Maybe you will not be familiar with some of the hero skills that exist in this game because it is very reasonable. So do not immediately accuse plagiarism, guys!

You can directly download via the Google Play Store for free. Don’t forget to follow the World Games social media to get the latest news about the game.

Ten Best Free Android RPG Games in May 2019 Guaranteed to Make You Betah Play

Ten Best Free Android RPG Games in May 2019 Guaranteed to Make You Betah Play – Tired of playing PUB M or Free Fire? Click on the list of the best free Android RPG games in May 2019 here!
Games with RPG genre have been a favorite of gamers since long ago. Paying attention to the character that gets stronger from time to time and adventures with interesting stories is the main attraction of this genre. This time, the author will share a list of the 10 best Android RPG games in May 2019 which are guaranteed not to be wasteful of quota and make you feel comfortable playing for hours. What are you curious about? Check out more below.

10. Knights of Pen & Paper 2 – Paradox Interactive AB
Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is a turn-based RPG game that has a classic retro style. In this game you have to collect characters and skip every challenge that exists. Fight each boss character and be the strongest!

9. Eternium – Making Fun, Inc.
Eternium might be a long-standing RPG game on Android. Even so, this game is still the best RPG game ever. Because, besides having good graphics, this game can still be played offline.

8. Marvel Strike Force – FoxNext Games
Avengers fever: Endgame has made the Marvel Strike Force game rise and fall. Based on RPGs, in this game you can form a team of Marvel heroes and villains to deal with a variety of five to five battles.

7. Old school RuneScape – Jagex Games Studio
RuneScape became a successful MMORPG game in 2001. Now the game comes back on Android with the title Old school RuneScape. This game comes with the same graphics but brings a myriad of interesting new features.

6. Valkyrie Anatomia – WonderPlanet Inc.

Valkyrie Anatomia is an RPG game inspired by Nordic Mythology. Where you will play the protagonist namedattlemaiden Lenneth Valkyrie who is preparing to fight the gods of Ragnarok.

5. Star Ocean: History – Square Enix
Star Ocean: Anamnesis is a pretty popular RPG game. In this game it will take you to sit in the captain’s seat and lead a team of galaxy heroes. Feel the exciting and fast-paced adventure that is wrapped in 3D graphics.

4. ShinNaZuki-Hatsune Miku Collab! – Wonder Game
ShinNaZuki-Hatsune Miku Collab! is one of the exciting JRPG games that you can try on Android. In accordance with the title, this game also collaborates with the Hatsune Miku franchise. Besides having cool graphics, some characters in this game are also filled with ‘Seiyu’ or popular voice actors in Japan.

3. King’s Raid – Vespa Inc.
King’s Raid is one of the best RPG games you can play now. Have cool graphics and an exciting gameplay mechanism, you have to try King’s Raid here!

2. Soul Ark: Brave and Fate – Bluestone Soft
Soul Ark: Brave and Fate is an RPG game that has 2D graphics. Your task in this game is to be the strongest by collecting several unique characters.

1. LYN: The Lightbringer – Nexon Company
Finally, LYN: The Lightbringer is the latest RPG game from Nexon. Not only graphics, plots in this game are built with impressive details. When you play it, you will find many interesting stories.

Now that’s some of the best Android RPG games in May 2019 that you can try. Look forward to our next games!

Ten Best Android Anime Games for Filling Your Time Waiting for Fasting

Ten Best Android Anime Games for Filling Your Time Waiting for Fasting – Instead of you dumb doing nothing waiting when breaking the fast, try playing the ten best Android anime games below!
Ramadan finally arrived. For 30 days, we will undergo fasting from morning to evening. When you are drinking or waiting for breaking the fast is the most time for you to be impatient, you want to immediately taste the available dishes. Instead of your stomach wrapped around seeing the breaking fast food, you better turn your attention to playing the best Android anime game of the World Games choice.

10. Dragon Ball Legends
Dragon Ball Legends is one of the best mobile games you can play now. You not only feel the thrill of simple RPG elements, you can also feel the strength of all Dragon Ball characters that you know participate in this one video game. Among them are Goku, Trunks, Vegeta, Gohan, Krilin, and 18 other figures. Even cooler, you will be offered a choice when downloading this game.

9. Sword Art Online: Integral Factor
In this Sword Art Online: Integral Factor game, you will act as another beta tester who is also trapped in the online game world. Fight using the thrilling Action RPG feature through the Aincrad mainland with your partner, Koharu, and other Sword Art Online characters that must be familiar to you.

8. Epic Seven
This turn-based RPG type game allows you to form a team consisting of various hero choices and explore the world with interesting stories in Story Mode.

7. Captain Tsubasa Dream Team

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team is a game released by the KLab Games on December 5, 2017 and is still a very popular game to date in some countries. This is a very interesting sports RPG game with match animations which is certainly very cool.

Kick technique that is owned by each player as if he could hypnotize the player to continue playing this game. The characters in this game can be obtained through Gacha. The story is also the same as in the Captain Tsubasa anime. Of course various interesting features in this game are also the reason why it can be as popular as that.

6. Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void
Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void is a Turn-Based Fighting mobile game that presents a variety of your favorite characters from light-serial serials released by publisher Dengeki Bunko.

5. Starlight Re LIVE LIVE
Are you a fan of the Revue Starlight anime? Now the franchise is an Android game that you can play with. Present as an RPG game, you can see the action of cute characters from the anime.

4. One Piece: Bounty Rush
Four to four matches using your favorite One Piece anime characters! Each character has their respective abilities: there are Fighter, Support, Shooter, Swordsman, and Warrior. Combine your strengths and your friends and collect Belli as much as possible.

3. Bang Dream: Girl’s Band Party
“Play together with 5 charismatic girl bands in the game! Showing Poppin’Party and Roselia from the BanG Dream animation! and original bands from the game: Afterglow; Pastel * Palette; and Hello, Happy World! ”

2. Laplace M
Laplace M prefers to use the Hack and Slash system, where you can hit many opponents at once – making players have their own satisfaction when playing this game.

1. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love
The title of this one no longer needs to be discussed. All veteran online gamers are certainly familiar with what is called Ragnarok Online, and this mobile game presents a more or less similar experience but with full 3D graphics wrapping.

Those are the ten Android anime games that will make you unconscious until you break the time when playing it. Do you have other Android game suggestions during this fasting month? Don’t hesitate to write it in the comments column!

Here comes the 7 best free offline Android games for this week

Here comes the 7 best free offline Android games for this week – Here comes the 7 best free offline Android games for this week. Many exciting new games! Suitable for filling your gaming time. Let’s try it!
Entering the first week in May 2019, there are some of the best free offline Android games that you can try. Of course this is the answer for those of you who no longer have internet quota or just save it. Because there are a number of selected Android offline games that you can taste this week. Let’s see these games immediately.

7. Cure Hunters – Lucky Kat Studios
Cure Hunters is a platformer game based on the future. This game tells that in 2078 there was a mysterious meteor that fell to Earth. The impact of the fall of the meteor caused the spread of viruses that invaded almost all of the Earth’s population. Knowing that, General Vaccinez then formed a group of drug hunters who were tasked with finding the existence of the anti-virus.

Your task in this game is very simple, namely the control of Dr. Delton gets the task to cure the infected area. Skip each obstacle by using various types of weapons available. Beat the boss and open the locked cute character so you can use it. Exciting isn’t it?

6. Fishing Life – Nexelon inc
Fishing is a very calming activity. In addition to channeling hobbies, fishing can also provide relaxation to the mind. But for those of you who don’t have to go to fishing, you can also fish using an Android smartphone. Fishing Life is a very interesting packed simulator simulator game.

In this game not only can you fish, but you will also feel a great relaxation. Packed with cool graphics, you can also experience the ASMR by hearing the roar of the ocean.

5. John Hayashi: The Legendary Zombie Hunter – Mayonnaise Studio

John Hayashi: The Legendary Zombie Hunter is a game that takes you as a zombie exterminator. Unlike other zombie-themed games, in this game you will become a cowboy who is adept at using a pair of pistols and two katana blades. Although the characters played are cowboys, the enemies you face are zombie samurai, ninja, and sumo.

Your task in this game is very easy, finish every zombie you have to be able to pass to the next level. Each level you successfully pass will get points that can be used to increase weapons to become more powerful.

4. Inferno All Nine Circles – RWdesenv Studio
Inferno All Nine Circles is a platformer game that adapts to the classic Dante’s Inferno story. You will feel a little ball journey through nine circles of hell. Although it looks creepy but this game is very easy to play. You will be tasked with moving the soul of the ball to pass each level. By touching the screen, you can move left and right. Skip each circle and guide the ball to get to its destination.

3. Swipe Fly: Survive the Cave – NightHowler
Swipe Fly: Survive the Cave is another platformer game that you can try on Android. You will be given the task of moving a firefly trying to find a way out of the cave maze filled with various obstacles.

At each maze there will be a glowing orb that can help illuminate the cave. For every 30 seconds from the orb that has been collected, then you will get one ghost power. Where you can penetrate every obstacle for 3 seconds. How, interesting isn’t it?

2. Tiny Klepto – Tiny Studio Games
Tiny Klepto is a very interesting platformer game. You will be in the city of Rusty Fields. Prove that you are the best thief in the city. Wait for the night, prepare your equipment, plan theft and enter every house you can. Open a new district and open the legendary treasure exposed at the History Museum.

In this game there are also some exciting features, including new equipment, four different districts, and various mini-games that you can try.

1. Shady Lands Adventure – Serkan Bakar
Finally, Shady Lands Adventure is a platformer game that you can try on Android. In this game you will become a shadow whose duty is to pass a strange and mystical world. With various difficult obstacles, you will only use two buttons, namely jumping and running.

So that your shadows are getting stronger, increase blood, buy fire attacks or bomb blast power, and let the enemy be afraid of you.

A list of the best free offline Android games this week from DuniaGames. Enjoy the weekend! Don’t forget to follow DuniaGames social media for information about other games!

7 of these Marvel Characters Can Beat Captain Marvel

7 of these Marvel Characters Can Beat Captain Marvel – Not too IMBA, Captain Marvel can also be subdued by the following Marvel characters!
Captain Marvel is a character that gets enough attention in Avengers: Endgame. Even so, of course there are some Marvel fans who are disappointed because the portion in the film is very little. Because the power of Captain Marvel has not seen its potential, although the third author of Captain America and Infinity War films, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, said that Captain Marvel has the greatest power scale that had never been in an MCU before.

But in fact Captain Marvel had to submit to Thanos when trying to grab Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers: Endgame. Well, besides Thanos, who else is the Marvel character who can defeat this one female superhero? Suggestion? Come see the discussion below, guys.

7. Silver Surfer
The Silver Surfer is blessed with cosmic powers that make it have super strength and endurance, as well as the ability to suck and manipulate radiation energies from the entire universe. Besides that he can also travel at the speed of light so that he can explore time.

Silver Surfer can fire energy that is strong enough to destroy one planet or create a Black Hole. Apart from all of his unique strengths, Silver Surfer’s physical strength turned out to be above the Hulk. What do you think, is the ability of the Silver Surfer to be able to surpass Captain Marvel?

6. Surtur
Surtur is a 500,000-year-old mystical creature that is terrible. How come? By having a height of more than 1000 feet and the Twilight Sword used, Surtur is able to burn whatever is in front of it. Its strength can be multiplied many times if Surtur is resurrected with the Eternal Fire. Even Hela who finished off all of Asgard’s troops couldn’t even match the strength of Surtur. Well, about whether Captain Marvel is able to withstand the power of this giant monster?

5. Ancient One

Doctor Strange wouldn’t be as good as now without the role of Ancient One. The figure of the teacher and mentor from Stephen Vincent Strange has become one of the most influential figures in his film. Even Thanos did not dare to approach Earth as long as Ancient One still existed. No wonder the power of Ancient One is very calculated. If Thanos just doesn’t dare to deal with Ancient One, how about Captain Marvel?

4. Ego
Ego aka The Living Planet is a very terrible character in the film Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. Where the father of the Star Lord tried to conquer the universe by uniting in his own extension. As a Celestial, it has a variety of strengths, including manipulating energy, manipulating molecules, super durability, biological manipulation, to superpowers. Even with that power the Ego is able to withstand the power of Infinity Stones easily.

3. Dormammu
Dormammu is the master of the dimension of darkness, he was born millions of years ago in a very strong dimension of energy called Faltine. He is the mortal enemy of Dr. Strange and have a very large and pure mystical power, even surpassing other villain powers such as Mephisto, Satannish, and Hela. Even in Dormammu MCU has its own dimensions, where the strength of its dimensions is often used by Sorcerer Supreme before. Now how would it be if Dormammu really appeared to Earth with a human form and faced Captain Marvel?

2. Rogue
Rogue is one of the mutant figures in the X-Men comic. He has a very terrible power, where he is able to suck the power of others and use that power. One of the great strengths he uses is the strength of Ms. Marvel. In one story, Rogue heard a prophecy one time Ms. Marvel will come and destroy his life. Therefore, Rogue attacked Carol Danvers. Rogue absorbs the power Carol Danvers has as Ms. Marvel. Not only is his strength lost, even all of Carol Danvers’s memories are also sucked, you know!

1. Jean Gray
As a mutant, Jean Gray has the power of telekinesis and telepathy. His strength can be very strong when Jean is united with Phoenix, a cosmic entity born of natural energy. The Phoenix lives inside another creature as a host, and the host’s unique ability can provide tremendous strength. Phoenix has the power to manipulate matter to sub-atomic levels, can cross space and time, also absorb various kinds of energy, generate dead creatures, and also teleport.

Even Jean Gray can create a cosmic explosion, change the reality of space and time to control the lives of humans. With that great power, is it about whether Captain Marvel can match the strength of Jean Gray?

Top ten best fighting strategy games on Android, perfect for accompanying you fasting

Top ten best fighting strategy games on Android, perfect for accompanying you fasting – For those of you who like to fight and want to spend time in this month of Ramadan, you can try ten battle strategy games.
Fasting again but confused what game do you want to play? You can try out strategy war games on Android. Because composing various strategies for destroying enemy cities or kingdoms, you will be invited to think which will certainly take a lot of time – suitable to accompany you in the month of Ramadan. Already curious about what games will be included in the list of fighting strategy games this time? Let’s discuss it.

10. Castle Clash
Castle Clash is a strategy game presented by IGG, the developer who is already experienced in making strategy games. This game will invite you to become the best warlord in the world. You can also recruit various heroes who act as troop leaders.

9. Lords Mobile
This popular game has also been developed by IGG which invites you to fight directly with 250 million other players. This game was once one of the “Most Competitive Games” games in 2017.

8. Last Empire – War Z
You will fight here along with the rampaging zombies. You need to be careful because the resources you have collected can be looted at any time. So the best way to survive is to make a very strong army.

7. Art of Conquest
You will be invited to build troops to bring down enemy fortifications. In battle, there are also various kinds of skills that you can use to finish off enemy forces. You can also storm the dragon’s nest and collect its eggs – it can nurture dragons.

6. Clash of Clans
Who is not familiar with this famous game? Clash of Clans had indeed become a prima donna game at that time before the MOBA and Battle Royale games arrived. This game is perfect for managing you fast. While attacking the enemy Town Hall, you can wait for the Maghrib Adhan to reverberate.

5. Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings invites you to fight with other kingdoms and can rely on a dragon. You can also gather resources to strengthen troops by increasing fields and producing wood.

4. March of Empires
In March of Empires you will face a big war in the Middle Ages. You can have factions between the King, the Tsar, or the Sultan. There is also an Alliance system that will allow you to fellowship with other players.

3. Last Shelter: Survival
With an increasingly widespread zombie attack, you will be forced to defend human civilization by building a magnificent city, training soldiers, and protecting the city. Many challenges that you can meet and make this game not feel boring.

2. Star Wars: Commander
For those of you lovers of the Star Wars series it seems you can try this one game. You can choose Rebelion or Empire. Almost like with Clash of Clans, you can make buildings and troops to take away enemy resources.

1. Rise of Kingdom
This strategy war game has a large selection of civilizations totaling 11. There are also 34 heroes who can be used to lead troops when fighting. Not only comes with exciting gameplay, this game also has graphics that will spoil your eyes.

That’s the top ten list of best fighting strategy games on Android. Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to follow the World Games social media account for other Android game recommendations.

Tencent Gaming Buddy, the Best Android Emulator on a PC Especially for You

Of all Android emulators on PC, Tencent Gaming Buddy is the top choice for those of you who like to play games, especially playing PUBG Mobile!
The presence of PUBG in the mobile platform is indeed directly in the spotlight among gamers. This game was previously very popular when the PC version was first launched. The launch of the mobile version also adds to the popularity of this franchise and makes those who tend to be casual gamers can take part in tasting the fun of the Battle Royale PUBG gameplay on their gadgets. However, not all gamers can enjoy PUBG Mobile comfortably. There are problems with their smartphone problems that lag when playing, some are not familiar with PUBG controls on mobile. In order to overcome this problem, Tencent made a quite interesting breakthrough, namely by releasing an official emulator to play PUBG Mobile on a PC called Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Of course not only specifically for PUBG Mobile, Tencent Gaming Buddy can play your other favorite Android games. Let me get to know this cool Android emulator, check the superiority here!

3. The advantages of Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy does look like an Android emulator on a normal PC. But, this one emulator has advantages that do not have similar applications. What are they? Here is the advantage of Tencent Gaming Buddy:

– Light specifications
To run Tencent Gaming Buddy, you don’t need a high PC specification. Enough with a Dual Core based processor, a minimum of 4GB of RAM, a minimum of 1GB of NVIDIA / AMD graphics card, and a minimum storage capacity of 3GB, you can already run this emulator.

– Easy download and installation
You just have to download Tencent Gaming Buddy on the official website. After downloading, run and follow the steps. Even installing the game just click it.

– Complete features
The features of Tencent Gaming Buddy already meet all your needs. Starting from the processor and RAM settings, macro controller features, fullscreen mode, to be able to record gameplay for streaming purposes.

2. Why Tencent Gaming Buddy?
The official emulator of the gaming giant from the Bamboo Curtain country, you must have if you are fond of playing Tencent’s games. Because, Tencent Gaming Buddy has been specifically built so that it can run Tencent games optimally. There is no such thing as lag or delay in PUBG Mobile!

Plus, the Contoller macro features or settings on the keyboard are very complete. You can set the placement of the controls as freely as possible so you can feel playing PUBG like on a PC.

1. What games can be played on Tencent Gaming Buddy?
This doesn’t mean that Tencent’s emulator can only play their games. Tencent Gaming Buddy can actually play other games smoothly! Available in the list of games that you can play like Honkai Impact 3rd, Mobile Legends, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, Clash Royale, and others.

That’s the three things that are a plus of the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator. How, guys, are you interested in trying this one emulator? You can directly download the emulator at:

This certainly can be an alternative for those of you who already really want to play the PC version of PUBG but maybe still save to buy a PC, mouse, and also a good headset in order to play it optimally! Keep up with World Games to get unique information about other games!

Seven Best and Latest Offline Android Games Free in May 2019

Seven Best and Latest Offline Android Games Free in May 2019 – Here comes the 7 best free offline Android games for this week. Many exciting new games! Suitable for filling your gaming time. Let’s try it!
Entering the third week in May 2019 there are some of the best free offline Android games that you can try. Of course, this is the answer for those of you whose internet quota is running low or just saving it. Because there are a number of selected Android offline games that you can taste this week. Let’s see the list immediately.

7. Unknown Fate – MarsLit Games SRL
Unknown Fate is a Adventure game made by 1C Company which was first released on PCs and consoles in 2018. Now the game is available on Android under the auspices of MarsLit Games SRL.

In Unknown Fate, you will play Richard, someone who finds himself in another world. A world that feels very far away and is inhabited by strange creatures. Realizing that he shouldn’t be in that place, he had to find a way out.

There is nothing different from the console and PC versions, you will feel the same quality. Unfortunately, this game is only a demo version and to open fully you have to buy it.

6. Hamsterdam – Muse Games Corp.
What happens if a funny hamster suddenly becomes good at martial arts? Now, you can only see that in Hamsterdam: Paws of Justice. This game was developed by Muse Games Corp, where you will be able to move a hamster to take action in an exciting battle to defeat the criminals and save the city of Hamsterdam.

Swing, slide and attack to feel your adventure on the streets of Hamsterdam. Feel the action fight, run the combo rhythm perfectly, and become the only famous Hamster-Fu.

5. Floyd’s Sticker Squad – LemonChili Games
Floyd’s Sticker Squad is an exciting Action game to kill time. This game made by LemonChili Games even won the title of the best Indie game in the 2018 Play Indie Games Festival in Brazil.

Shoot enemies, collect stickers, and finish the album to unlock the amazing adventures of this time!

Besides having an exciting gameplay mechanism, this game also has exciting features. One of them is time travel, which allows you to replay each level so you can pass it back. Get every good sticker and get ready for an epic boss fight!

4. Best Trucker 2 – POLOSKUN
For those of you who like the game Simulator, Best Trucker 2 might be a game you can try on Android. This game made by developer POLOSKUN will bring you the experience of driving a cargo truck full of obstacles.

Even though it appears with 2D graphics and side-scrolling, you can still test your skills while exercising patience in passing each difficult track. Get every coin and upgrade your truck to become the best truck driver!

3. One Person Story – Sacralium

One Person Story is an interesting Android offline game that you can try. This game itself elevates one’s personal story. Where each level in this game represents a life situation. Like when you are hurt, get into trouble, and other things you don’t wear.

Therefore you must think and solve all the difficulties that exist. Shown with simple graphics, One Person Story is suitable for those of you who want to kill time.

2. Drone: Shadow Strike 3 – Reliance Big Entertainment
Success with the previous series, Reliance Big Entertainment has released the third series of Drone: Shadow Strike. Still presenting sophisticated drone-style battles, in this game you can feel the thrill of paralyzing enemies with the drone. Your skills will be tested to be able to knock out enemies on the ground.

Operate the best UCAV in the world and experience a series of action-packed secret missions, using extremely high-tech equipment and weapons including rockets, missiles and cannons. Increase the drones that you have and become the best drone pilot in the world!

1. Pliq: Epic Clash Arcade Puzzle – Creasaur
Finally, Pliq: Epic Clash is an Arace Puzzle game that is no less exciting. With a simple gameplay mechanism and attractive graphic display, this game made by Creasaur is very fun to play.

The playing method is the same as before; Join in this endless war, observe the upcoming enemy pattern in the form of a jelly beam, build a perfect pair with your beam-shaped hero. If the decreasing enemy pattern doesn’t match your pattern, your beam will be locked.

A list of the best free offline Android games this week from DuniaGames. Enjoy the weekend! Don’t forget to follow DuniaGames social media for information about other games!

Ten free and newest android games in May 2019

Ten free and newest android games in May 2019 – Confused about what game to play? Here it is, some of the latest free Android games in May 2019 are fun to fill your days!
In the third week of May 2019 there are a lot of the latest free Android games that you can try. Well, this time DuniaGames is again presenting the latest free Android games that you can play to fill your days.

There are many choices of the latest free Android games that you can play this week. Such as 3D Color Hole, Unroll Me 2, The Warrior, Ultraman Legend Hero, and Idle Coffe Corp. Besides the Android games, there are still a number of other games that are no less exciting, you know.

Want to know more about it? Just go straight to the list!

10. 3D Color Hole – Good Job Games
3D Color Hole is an exciting Arcade game that can fill your days. Gameplay of this game is very simple; that is, you only have the duty to move the black hole to drop the arranged blocks. Skip each level and become the champion!

9. Unroll Me 2 – Turbo Chilli
Unroll Me 2 is a sequel to the game that was ranked first in more than 50 countries and played by millions of people around the world. Unroll Me 2 is now back with all new game modes, rich 3D graphics, new themes, and there are more than 800 exciting levels!

8. The Warrior – Superb Game
The Warrior is one of the newest free Android games that you can try. The task in this game is very simple, where you simply move your finger on the smartphone screen to aim and throw the spear at the enemy.

7. Ultraman Legend Hero – Fighting Action Games
Ultraman Legend Hero is an exciting Adventure game from the Ultraman franchise. Experience Ultraman’s new adventures to save the universe from evil monsters.

6. Idle Coffe Corp – BoomBit Games
Idle Coffe Corp allows you to become a coffee shop entrepreneur. You will be in charge of managing your own business and are tasked with being a successful coffee entrepreneur.

5. Survivor Island – Doodle Mobile Ltd

Survivor Island is one of the newest Survival games that you can try on Android. Stuck on a mysterious island, your job is to survive from threats that can attack at any time.

4. Stickfight Infinity – Skygo
Success with the previous game, Skygo has now released Stickfight Infinity. Bergen Fighting, you will feel the exciting battle of Stickman characters by using various types of cool weapons.

3. Furious Speed ​​Chasing – Alcott
Furious Speed ​​Chasing is the newest racing simulation game that is not inferior to the popular racing game. This game made by Alcott offers a variety of exciting features wrapped in pretty good 3D graphics.

2. Brave Order – Outac Inc.
Brave Order is one of the newest Real Time Strategy games on Android. In this game you will be tasked to organize your troops and prepare to feel an epic battle.

1. Pokemon Rumble Rush – The Pokemon Company
Finally, Pokemon Rumble Rush is the newest game from The Pokemon Company. In this game you will become a Pokemon trainer and adventure around the world to get legendary Pokemon!

A list of the latest free Android games from DuniaGames. Look forward to the next games from us, happy playing!